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Adoptable Dogs

Listed here are dogs that are currently available for adoption, dogs whose adoption is pending, dogs who are recently adopted and dogs that will be arriving soon. Click here for information on the adoption process.

Unless otherwise noted, all dogs listed have been either spayed or neutered and are up to date on their shots.

If you have any questions, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions or send us an email.

Aubrey - Available for Adoption

****Please read the entire post before applying to adopt****

Aubrey is a beautiful sweet Jack Russel Terrier mix who weighs about 35lbs. She is not a small girl despite her photos. She is 3-4 years old and in good health. She adores other dogs and is also good with cats. Aubrey is a special dog in search of a very special Home. She is probably one of the most fearful and shy dogs we have ever had in the rescue and for all of you who think she just needs a bit of love and she will get better please disabuse yourself of that notion immediately. Dogs who miss critical windows of development can get better with patience and training but they are rarely what we term as normal. This means she will always be fearful to some degree.

Now Aubrey is a one-person dog. She adores her current foster mom and would be most comfortable with a single lady. She needs a quiet home preferably with another confident dog. Someone who is dog savvy and willing to work on desensitizing to common daily stimulus. She needs a fenced yard and someone who is fairly active as she just loves to walk. Aubrey uses the doggie door and is house trained. She’s quite food motivated and will chase a ball.

Aubrey will also require a gentle and extended handover to minimize stress. She’s flourishing in her foster home so it’s important that we manage any transition carefully. Most of all Aubrey will not manage change well so please think about where you might be 5 years from now before applying.

She’s a truly beautiful and loving soul and we are willing to wait until the perfect home comes along. Please respect that she needs just the right “fit” and if we turn you down it’s not because you don’t have a great home to offer a dog But that it might not be the right home for Aubrey.

If you are able to provide the right home for Aubrey, please complete our online application form.


Larry - Adoption Pending

Sweetie pie Larry is up for adoption! This 9 month old 30lb fella is full of the joys of spring and looking for a new home. He most definitely will require patience and training like all pups but we think he will make a fine family dog. He would need someone home part of the day or willing to do daycare for the first while. He’s a great size and is super sweet.

Larry has an adoption pending so we are no longer taking applications for him.


Millie - Available for Adoption


This sweet girl is Millie who we think is a hound/Airedale mix? She’s a medium sized girl weighing in at almost 40lbs. She’s still very much a pup at 9 months of age and she’s looking for the perfect forever home. Millie loves everyone but might be a bit rambunctious for small kids. She loves other dogs and currently lives with several, however, she might want to be an only, not sure on this but it will depend on the other dog.  She loves to wrestle with her foster brothers and sisters but sometimes gets pushy when it comes to who gets the cuddles. Millie may require someone who is home much of the day at first while she adjusts to being in a home, she whines a bit when left alone.

She’s not yet fully House trained and has absolutely no manners! But she is the sweetest dog and will completely steal your heart.  She definitely needs some boundaries and will  require a commitment to vigorous exercise as she’s an active girl, ironically she walks beautifully on leash. She can also climb a fence if you are on the other side of it - She is a dog that just wants to be with her person.  She makes no attempt to escape the fenced yard.  She is very biddable and quite smart so training is going quite well with her.  I suspect she will eventually do well off leash and with time and patience will be a wonderful companion. 

If you have the perfect forever home for Millie, please complete our online application form.